Genesis Elementary, located in Pasco County, Florida serves students from Pre-Kindergarten to 5th grade. Committed to each student’s unique needs and an academically rigorous curriculum that prepares students for future success, Genesis Elementary believes that promoting excitement about learning creates real results. We’ve seen the proof: Genesis students, on average, score at least one grade level ahead on standardized academic tests.

Small class sizes allow our highly qualified faculty to focus on the whole child, helping each student develop his or her academic, social, physical, and emotional skills. If you’re looking for a place where your child will be loved, nurtured, and challenged, we invite you to take a closer look at Genesis Elementary.

What You Can Expect at Genesis Elementary

Advanced Curriculum

Our challenging and advanced age-appropriate curriculum focuses on reading, language arts (including cursive handwriting!), math, social studies and history, and science. Plus Spanish, music, physical education, art, technology, and library skills.

Project Based Learning

Hands-on, project based learning gives students the ability to practically apply what they’re learning in the modern world. Students at Genesis Elementary are actively involved in their learning process, allowing them to acquire deeper knowledge through active exploration.

Small Class Sizes

We know how important personalized attention is to student learning. At Genesis Elementary, low student-to-teacher ratios ensure that your child receives individual, one-on-one attention in a well-managed classroom.

Differentiated Instruction

Giving each child what he or she needs to be successful is the cornerstone of everything we do. Just as we all have unique fingerprints, the learning styles of students vary widely in classrooms. Our teachers are trained to teach to the needs and learning styles of each student. 

Active Parent Engagement

We encourage active parent engagement in student learning, because we know it makes a difference. Our teachers pride themselves on the consistent and thoughtful communication they have with the parents in their classrooms. 

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We believe every student deserves the chance to be seen, heard, and taught in an environment of support and love.

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