Why Choose an Independent School?

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Many parents consider independent schools as an alternative for public school, but what makes the difference between a public school system and an independent school? At Genesis Prep, we are proud of the rigorous academic curriculum and warm, supportive family environment we have cultivated–but we also know that choosing the right school for your child for middle school and high school can be an enormously difficult challenge.

Here are a few reasons why independent schools often offer a better match for your child.

Independent Schools Are Never Victims of Redistricting

Middle and high school are challenging times for any student, both academically and socially. When the school district decides to change the arbitrary lines between one school and move hundreds of students to another school in the middle of their middle or high school experience, that can be devastating. The relationships that have been developed, between students and teachers and between friends, must be rebuilt and that emotional labor can distract from the academic progress any student is making. An independent school takes students from throughout the area, without regard to address or neighborhood.

Independent Schools Have Smaller Class Sizes

Small class sizes, a feature of many independent schools and of Genesis Prep as well, offer faculty members the opportunity to truly get to know your child. Relationships are built, day after day, through interaction in and out of the classroom. When student numbers are overwhelmingly large and teachers are asked to worry not only about the curriculum they teach but about mandated state testing, they find it tougher to forge those relationships with students. Our faculty members are given autonomy to develop their own curriculum that matches the mission, values, and accelerated academic rigor of Genesis Prep. That autonomy allows them to adapt to student needs, rather than a universal test or a one-size-fits-all curriculum.

Independent Schools Often Offer Financial Aid Options

Many families feel like an independent school education is out of their financial reach. Did you know that Genesis Prep offers financial aid options to our families? In fact, the average Florida independent school provides financial aid to more than 17% of its students.

Independent Schools Have Unique Missions

Unlike public schools, which are required in many instances to offer the same programs to everyone, independent schools have the ability to match your mission for your child. Because every child has unique abilities, gifts, and needs, you want to find the school that best suits that child. A learning community that matches your child can make an enormous difference in the way that child responds and thrives!

Independent Schools Welcome Diversity

If your child has a learning difference or if you’re concerned that diversity is not welcomed at Genesis Prep or other independent schools, think again! Independent schools in Florida welcome diversity, and Genesis Prep is no different. Whether you are looking for an academically rigorous program for a student with a learning difference or a place where your student will feel welcomed, Genesis Prep is that school.

Independent Schools Create Relationships With Families

If you’re looking for a school that will cultivate a relationship between your family and the teachers and school, an independent school is the right way to go. Genesis Prep encourages a triangle approach to your child’s education, like most independent schools do, that connects the student, the family, and the school together. You’ll see this in the regular communication you’ll receive, the willingness of Genesis Prep teachers to meet with your student before and after school, during lunch, and during tutorials, as well as in the active life of parents at Genesis Prep. Most of our teachers are not just teachers–they serve as coaches, club sponsors, advisors, and adapt their curriculum to the needs of their students.

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