MS Academics

Our academic focus is on language arts, math, science, and social studies. Math and English are the anchor courses for success in high school and college. They provide the foundation for success in all areas of the curriculum. Problem solving, critical thinking, decision making, and cooperation are added skills needed to ensure independent learning and thinking. Our curriculum follows National and Sunshine State Standards in each subject area.

The middle courses are as follows:

6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
Language Arts I Language Arts II Language Arts III
World Geography World History US History
Earth Science Life Science Physical Science
Math 6 or Pre-Algebra Pre-Algebra or Algebra I Pre-Algebra or Algebra I
PE Spanish IA Spanish IB
Music Art or Music Art or Music

In an effort to meet the individual needs of our students, math students that demonstrate mastery early-on will be considered for enrichment and/or advancement to a higher math course. This means that a middle school student could possibly enroll in a high school math course, Algebra, during the 8th grade year. Students are also taking a high school Spanish course during 7th and 8th grade. The Spanish I course is split in half to give our middle school students every opportunity for success in a foreign language. Students must have an average of a “B” to remain in this course. This course counts for high school credit. Eighth graders can also receive high school credit for Physical Science upon passing the midterm and final exams.

In order to qualify for high school credit, students must receive a letter grade equal to A or B as their final grade. Students who receive a final grade of C or below will not receive high school credit in that subject area.

Grading System
A+ = 100-97 C+ = 79-77
A = 96-93 C = 76-73
A- = 92-90 C- = 72-70
B+ = 89-97 D+ = 69
B = 86-83 D = 68-66
B- = 82-80 D- = 65
F = 64 and below

Duke Talent Identification Program

GPS participates in the Duke Talent Identification Program. To meet the criteria, Seventh Grade students must have scored at or above the 95th percentile on selected subtests on their Sixth Grade Stanford 10 assessment. They are then invited to take the ACT or SAT test given later in the year.


Gradelink is a fully integrated online grading, attendance, and school administrative program. Gradelink works over the Internet and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. As parents you will enjoy instant access to your student’s academic progress.

Parents can:

  • view current grade average in all classes
  • view assignment grades and teacher comments
  • view upcoming assignments and their details
  • view attendance and conduct information

Friday Folders:

6th & 7th graders will have Friday Folders containing graded assignments, miscellaneous announcements, and any other correspondence to be send home. Students receive their Friday folder at the end of the 6th -period class. It is the responsibility of the student to deliver the Friday folder to the parent. Make sure you ask for the Friday folder every week. A parent signature on the form inside the folder is required, and the folder is to be returned to the Homeroom Teacher on Monday.