College Corner

A Message from Mrs. Lees, our College Counselor.

College admission can be tricky business. It’s a dynamic, shifting, endlessly unpredictable environment where the truths of one year are not necessarily the truths of the next. That’s why it is imperative that students begin the process of college planning early and that they conduct their research of prospective schools as thoroughly as possible.

The College Counseling Office at Genesis Preparatory School would like to help you start thinking about the process to prepare for the many decisions and procedures required. As you undertake this process, try to be both directed and open. Really explore all options. Test your assumptions, about yourself and about schools. Don’t be afraid to ask the question that might disrupt your vision of the future; it is better to have the disruption now than to find yourself later at a school where you are not happy. Make sure that, when decision time comes in the spring of your senior year, you are a fully informed consumer.