Common Admissions Terms and Meanings

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College Admission Terms

Regular Admission

  • Set date for receipt of applications
  • Set date for decision letters

Rolling Admission

  • Applications accepted on a continuous basis
  • School will send decision letter 2-8 weeks after receiving application packet

Early Action Admission

  • Apply in November, decision in December
  • Acceptances do not necessitate a commitment
  • Rejections are rare; deferrals more common
  • (Harvard, Brown, Chicago, Georgetown, Tulane, SMU, Boston College, etc.)

Early Action Admission

  • Same deadlines as early action
  • Decision is binding (student must be 100% certain of choice)
  • Standards typically lower, but commitment required
  • (Emory, Yale, Princeton, Vanderbilt, Northwestern, Stanford, etc.)

Wait List

  • Becoming highly popular among colleges
  • Not bad news – requires “push” from counselor

Deferred Admission

  • Admitted student requests a year off
  • School cooperation varies

Early Admission

  • Applicants accepted in junior year of high school and permitted to skip senior year